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Legal Nodes is an international startup, run by a core team of legal geeks, and backed by leading angel investors.


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Our Story

Our team was in the same shoes as many of the clients we work with today. In the beginning, we were trying to launch a global business in a new market, whilst running our core team in one country, and looking for opportunities in other countries.

We discovered that cross-border legal tasks can be a whole different nightmare and founders are often faced with costly and unpredictable legal tasks. We decided to create a service that ensures every founder has a single touchpoint that provides a transparent understanding of what’s required for their business to succeed.

All our services are managed with help from account managers who act as touchpoints for our clients and legal experts, minimizing the chaos that comes with handling legal tasks in startups and businesses.

Underneath the foundations of our business lies a deep understanding gained from our collective personal experiences at Legal Nodes. Having a good understanding of the legal requirements across the border is key, and having a supporting team of experienced legal and business brains who speak the local, legal, and our client’s native language is vital to startups expanding internationally.

We have created a lawyer-at-hand service that is centred around a roadmap for your startup. We do this by standardizing legal services into clear legal products that can be connected online and by building an extensive network of legal professionals worldwide. This means our services go beyond dealing with just the immediate legal priorities; we look forward to the future to help predict costs and mitigate risks and hurdles too.

We are international, we are founders ourselves, and we are excited to continue to grow in our global markets.

Our Purpose

We help entrepreneurs overcome legal barriers to seamlessly scale their businesses into markets around the world.

Our Investors

We’re backed by leading angel and venture investors
Artis Kehris

Co-founder at Printify

Martin Henk

Co-Founder of Pipedrive

Edward Vaisberg

ex-BCG, Angel investor

Gatis Dukurs

Former CTO and currently Product Manager at Printify

Ragnar Sass

Co-Founder of Pipedrive

Maarika Truu

Head of Sales & Partnerships at Single.Earth, ex-Pipedrive

Mart Abramov

Co-founder of TaxScouts,

Martti Kuldma

VP of Engineering at Pipedrive

Mathias Eklöf

Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

Sergei  Anikin

CTO at Pipedrive

Taras Galkovskyi

Software Engineer at Facebook and Angel Investor

Dmitry Vartanian

Inspirium Managing Member

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