Our flexible plans mean you only ever pay for what you need

Get legal works priced on a task-by-task basis and delivered by a virtual legal department, with no hidden fees.


How it works


Get your costs and delivery estimates, and then pay for work on a task-by-task basis

Transform your legal needs into a clear legal roadmap

Start with a free plan, and upgrade as you grow

Best for early stage projects (initial setup)
  • 1 Legal Board
  • Up to 2 Legal Projects per Legal Board
  • Up to 1 User per Legal Board
  • Industry-focused offer builder
  • Vetted legal providers in Legal Team
per Legal Board per month
Best for projects which grow and fundraise
  • 1 Legal Board per business unit
  • Up to 10 Legal Projects per Legal Board
  • Up to 2 Users per Legal Board
  • Industry-focused offer builder
  • Vetted legal providers in Legal Team
  • Structured document storage
per Legal Board per month
Best for serial entrepreneurs
  • 1 Legal Board per business unit
  • Up to 10 Legal Projects per Legal Board
  • Up to 5 Users per Legal Board
  • Industry-focused offer builder
  • Vetted legal providers in Legal Team
  • Structured document storage

Add a legal manager and transfer the burden of organising your legal tasks

With legal and industry experience, our Legal Managers are perfectly positioned to provide founders with business-oriented legal support.
Manages legal projects
Communicates with your virtual legal team
Provides regular reports
Structures docs in your Data Room

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Who provides legal services on the Legal Nodes platform?

Legal services are provided by qualified lawyers who have expertise in the jurisdiction and area of law of your legal project. These lawyers are added to your virtual legal department by a Legal Manager.

How do the subscriptions work?

You can get started for free. This will give you 1 Legal Board and 2 Legal Projects within that Legal Board. It also gives you access for 1 user. 

One Legal Board is used for one business project (e.g. your startup) with legal needs. If you have more than one business project (e.g. your startup and another side business), you would need to use separate Legal Boards for them. Inside Legal Boards, you can create Legal Projects, which correspond to a single legal need you have, for example, Protecting your intellectual property. Inside this Legal Project, you will have separate tasks corresponding to single legal actions like Preparing an NDA or Preparing an IP assignment agreement. Each task will have its legal provider assigned to it, cost and time estimate of the delivery. 

If you want to have more than 2 Legal Projects within a Legal Board, you'd need to upgrade to a Standard subscription. The subscription will be billed per one Legal Board you have. For example, if you have 2 Legal Boards, each with 3 Legal Projects, your Standard subscription will be USD 50 per month. 

What’s the difference between a Legal Board and a Legal Project?

A Legal Board is a project management tool that is designed much like a kanban. Each Legal Board contains Legal Projects. A Legal Project is a single solution that can be created within the board, assigned to either the Legal Manager or virtual legal department team members. Within each Legal Project are individual tasks that must be completed. 

For example, your Legal Board may be for your startup's legal needs, a Legal Project may be “incorporation” and the tasks within that project may include “create a bank account, register a company.”

How is the price of the legal services defined?

Lawyers who provide the services define the price, then the Legal Manager confirms the price for each task and updates the Legal Project and Legal Board accordingly.

Who bears responsibility for the provision of legal services?

Lawyers who work in your virtual legal department bear the responsibility for the provision of legal services. You, as a client, sign Engagement letters directly with them. Legal Nodes doesn’t engage in any Client–Lawyer relationships with you. Legal Nodes facilitates these legal services and will work with you to ensure that you are satisfied with the services you receive. Legal Nodes is not a lawyer and does not act as a lawyer in facilitating these legal services.

Does the Legal Manager provide legal services?

No, the Legal Manager doesn’t provide legal services. Your Legal Manager’s role is to organise the process of the provision of legal services by lawyers in your virtual legal department.

What is the role of a Legal Manager in the provision of legal services? How do they organise the process?

Your Legal Manager has several functions including:

  • help you clarify your business needs
  • help you choose the most appropriate legal solution for your business case
  • help you map these solutions into Legal Projects within your Legal Board
  • create tasks within a Legal Project 
  • assemble relevant experts to serve in your virtual legal department and assign tasks to them
  • confirm prices and estimates for the work
  • structure all of the information about prices and timelines in the Legal Project
How many hours per week on average does a Legal Manager spend on organising the process of provision of legal services?

This depends entirely on the volume of legal tasks that you have. On average Legal Managers spend from 5-10 hours per month assisting with your legal tasks.

In some cases, a Legal Manager may spend only a few hours per week assisting with the organisation of tasks, communicating updates, and keeping your Data Room in order. In other cases, a Legal Manager may spend several hours each week assisting larger virtual departments and keeping your Legal Board in order.

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