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Meet a new kind of legal professional, built to serve next-gen tech businesses in the Web2 and Web3 worlds. Here's how our Virtual Legal Officers (VLOs) help solve cross-border legal matters.

Who is a VLO?

A Virtual Legal Officer is an individual with a background that spans key areas, such as legal, corporate, business, finance, and Web3.

Oleksandr SynytsiaHello
Oleksandr is one of our VLOs.
He specializes in legal support of Web2 and Web3 startups and M&As.

How do VLOs help with legal tasks?

Our VLOs serve multi-functional roles that all focus on a single goal: helping founders to build the best legal structures for their business.

Thinking statue

VLOs help clients from the start

What lawyer should I work with?
Which country is best for incorporating?
How do I check all my options?

Before even sourcing a single lawyer, you can rely on your VLO (backed by the Legal Nodes team) to answer your questions, outline your options, and put you at ease.


VLOs implement your legal roadmap

What's the most important thing to do next?
What legal tasks should I get sorted asap?

Once we've identified your best legal options, we transform them into a legal roadmap, and hand it over to your VLO.


VLOs orchestrate everything

How often should I chase my lawyers?
How do I know that this legal solution is right?
How many other tasks will there be?

From sourcing new lawyers, to chasing tasks and checking deliverables, your VLO will manage all your cross-border legal tasks in one place, whilst providing updates and answering questions along the way.


VLOs provide a single point of contact

How many lawyers should I hire?
Can some lawyers do more services than others?
Which option is quickest?
Which is best?

Guided by your legal roadmap, VLOs pick the right add-ons, offered by selected service providers, on your behalf, no matter where in the world they may be. VLOs handle all the communications, providing you with regular updates on your active legal tasks.

How are VLOs helping our clients?

The VLO has been so helpful in guiding me with my first steps around establishing my Web3 startup legally. It's a very complex space, and it's reassuring having someone so knowledgeable to reach out to.
CEO & Co-founder, Beyond
I don't have to worry about what legal tasks we need to deal with. I just come with business needs, and our Virtual Legal Officer transforms them into legal solutions that the lawyers start working on right away.
CEO & Co-founder, Datrics
The legal team that our Virtual Legal Officer assembled worked more efficiently than big in-house departments.
CEO & Founder, Boosty Labs

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How do VLOs work in the Legal Nodes ecosystem?

Clients get one main point of contact: their Virtual Legal Officer.
VLOs organize all the tasks, manage all the different service providers, and provide relevant updates to clients as they happen.

  • Clients can observe all task progress via the Legal Nodes platform.

  • VLOs help clients to structure their task deliverables in their Legal Data Rooms.

  • Clients can leave all service provider communications and management to their VLO.

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Client VLO block diagram
Client CLO block diagram

For clients with many cross-border legal tasks, we provide a team of VLOs, managed by a Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

  • Clients can watch tasks progress via their Legal Nodes platform and get help structuring their task deliverables in their Legal Data Rooms.

  • The Chief Legal Officer acts as the main point of contact for the client and oversees all work.

  • Service provider management is split between a team of VLOs, each with their own specialisms.

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Head of Web3 at Legal Nodes
Many businesses face problems of hiring and managing lots of lawyers from different countries and areas of law. At Legal Nodes, we solve this by positioning VLOs to select the best add-ons from the Legal Nodes network and work directly with local lawyers in different jurisdictions.
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Nestor Dubnevych