GDPR Packages
for Startups

Kickstart your GDPR compliance works and cover the basics with essential documents, policies and training.


Startups don't always have an abundance of resources to invest in GDPR compliance.

It can be hard to find the right expertise, or know where to start. That's why we’ve created essential GDPR packages that are specifically tailored for the needs of B2B and B2C startups.

One time fee

Our GDPR packages are ideal
for Startups

Data protection consultation
PRICE includes 20% VAT
  • Consultation (45 mins)+follow-up
B2С Package
PRICEs don’t include VAT
  • Privacy policy
  • Cookie policy
  • Privacy interface recommendations
  • Consultation (45 mins)+follow-up
B2B Package
PRICEs don’t include VAT
  • Privacy policy
  • Cookie policy
  • Privacy interface recommendations
  • Consultation (45 mins)+follow-up
  • Data processing Agreement/SCCs
  • Privacy statement for clients
Custom package
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  • Privacy policy
  • Cookie policy
  • Privacy interface recommendations
  • Consultation (45 mins)+follow-up
  • Data processing Agreement/SCCs
  • Privacy statement for clients
  • Data protection policy
  • Privacy training
  • Data breach policy
  • Data retention policy
  • Full privacy gap analysis
  • Records of processing activities
  • Vendor assessment

Our packages are customizable and delivered by certified privacy professionals. Book a free consultation to get started.


If you're at any of these stages, we can help

Need to demonstrate to your clients that your business's privacy basics are covered

Plan to sign your first contracts with B2B clients or partners

Need to address GDPR compliance but don't know where to start

Want to avoid GDPR fines for GDPR non-compliance

Plan to raise money and want to show your investors you're taking privacy seriously

Need someone to take care of privacy and data protection in your company

We work primarily with tech startups and tailor our services to startup needs and business models.
Transparent services
All our packages are offered at fixed costs so you know exactly what you're paying for.
Affordable solutions
We offer competitive pricing for GDPR packages without sacrificing quality so that startups can prioritize important GDPR needs.
Experienced teams
Our privacy specialists have 3+ years of experience in data protection and are CIPP, CIPM and FIP certified.

Don't take our word for that. Here's what our customers say:

Beyond supervising our GDPR and UK data protection compliance, Legal Nodes assists us in concluding data processing contracts with clients and understanding our data protection obligations.

Max Chut
CFO @Neurons Lab

Legal Nodes' lawyers have been very helpful to Preply in advising on privacy issues, including policy preparation, DPA and other GDPR issues.

Ivanna Honina
Legal Counsel @Preply

We regularly receive data protection questions from our clients and Legal Nodes are always available to dive in and solve complex issues. Their flexible approach allows customizing packages to the needs of each client.

Dan Keegan
Head of Digital Opearations @Transmission Agency

Legal Nodes and Vlad Nekrutenko from their team were essential in establishing our GDPR compliance.

Almas Abulkhairov
CEO @SpatialChat

Learn how we've helped SpatialChat launch their GDPR compliance works.

Meet our privacy specialists

Tahir Latif

Global data protection and privacy professional. Implemented data protection best practices across various industries as banking, insurance, government, military.

Bogdan pashynskyi

Bogdan is Head of Data Protection and Privacy @Legal Nodes and a certified privacy professional with 7+ years of experience in assisting various companies with GDPR compliance and data protection.

Vlad Nekrutenko

Certified lawyer and privacy professional, Head of DPO Product @Legal Nodes. Vlad is specialised in data protection compliance for deep-tech and AI projects.


Do GDPR packages make me fully GDPR compliant?

Each business will require different levels of effort to achieve compliance. B2B and B2C businesses in different sectors, with different clientele will all need to individually review their GDPR requirements.

It's also important to note that GDPR compliance is an ongoing process, and having the correct documentation is only a part of achieving compliance. A tool like a GDPR Roadmap can help companies to better understand what other obligations they have to meet in order to become GDPR compliant, and which actions they can or must take to achieve compliance. Other obligations include setting up and maintaining effective internal processes, handling information security correctly, and ensuring an ongoing management of the relevant documentation and protocols that keep an organisation GDPR compliant.

The documents from the GDPR packages help with preparation for compliance, however for fuller protection, tools like an effective GDPR Roadmap and proper resourcing are a vital measure worth considering.

What does the GDPR training include?

The GDPR training is a 2-hour online live session with a certified privacy professional who holds expertise in GDPR compliance for companies in your sector.

Before conducting training, the assigned privacy expert will clarify the needs, interests, and concerns brought forward by the client, and customise the content accordingly. During the session, client's team will be able to ask any questions they might have to help them understand the next steps towards compliance. After the training, useful materials are shared with the team to begin putting compliance practices into motion.

What if I don't need all the services from the package?

All our packages are customisable and we encourage our team to tailor packages in accordance to each of our clients' needs. Various one-off GDPR services are available at a fixed price. Simply book a short consultation with us to ask your questions and we will suggest the best GDPR solutions for you.

What is a GDPR Roadmap? What's included in it?

A GDPR Roadmap is a high-level list of prioritised recommendations to further pursue GDPR compliance. We use this Roadmap as an agenda to help identify future challenges to compliance and help clients better understand how they remain compliant with the GDPR.

Each GDPR Roadmap is created based on the specific needs and circumstances of client's business and goals. The Roadmap is recorded in a document, secured in the Legal Nodes platform, and contains helpful labels and short descriptions of the measures needed, their priority, and a timeline for their implementation. A sample of the GDPR Roadmap is available upon request.

Do you provide me with templated Privacy Notice, Cookie Notice, DPA? Or do you customize it to my company and our situation?

Each of our packages is tailored to the needs of your company depending on your business model, how you handle personal data, what processes you already have in place etc. We strongly recommend to avoid using templated Privacy Notice, Cookie Notice, DPA or any other document without privacy specialists advice on how any template is applied to your company.

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