EU-US Data Privacy Framework

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We draw up a customized plan for the DPF self-certification process, including the DPF programme components, steps, costs, and time estimates.


Documentation drafting

We draft a DPF-compliant Privacy Notice and help you make changes to your company's public documents regarding your DPF certification.


Streamlined support

We manage communications with the DPF team and ICDR-AAA, and help you choose and work with an IRM provider (if required).


Compliance verification assessment

We help to ensure your organization is DPF-compliant.


Ongoing assistance

We assist you throughout the certification process, including when you submit the DPF self-certification.


Practical guidance

We guide you on how to apply your company’s DPF certification and communicate with your company’s business clients and users about your new DPF certification.

Fixed fee solutions tailored for tech companies

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Enhance your business


DPF certification allows for the unobstructed flow of personal data to the US


Easily show your customers that their privacy is your top priority


Ensure and demonstrate compliance with GDPR obligations

Eliminate paperwork

As DPF removes requirement to conduct Transfer Impact Assessment and sign SCCs

We highly recommend using Legal Nodes during the DPF-self certification process. We are thrilled with their support as it helped us attain our DPF certification. Legal Nodes provided exceptional support that was fast and reliable.
Legal Team

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Get support with certification submission and post-certification tasks.

We chose Legal Nodes because we felt their offering was a great match for our needs as a startup. Legal Nodes assisted us with implementation of various documents and processes to make our product GDPR-ready before the official launch.
Vlad Niculescu
Co-founder & CEO, Flowpoint

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Frequently asked questions

What is the Data Privacy Framework (DPF)?

The DPF is a new data transfer mechanism between the EU and the US that allows US companies to self-certify that they are compliant with certain privacy principles and can lawfully receive personal data from the EU.

Should every US company self-certify under DPF? 

Self-certification is optional, however more and more companies are choosing to self-certify for several reasons. Self-certified companies can demonstrate their compliance with GDPR regulations, and provide a more efficient means for data transfers (SCCs aren’t required under the DPF rules). Additionally, for B2B companies targeting enterprise clients, the self-certification shows that data privacy is a top priority, helping build trust with potential and existing customers.

How do companies self-certify under DPF?

The self-certification process involves submitting an online application and self-declaring compliance with the DPF principles. There is no prior review or verification by authorities, which is why Legal Nodes offers DPF self-certification support so that companies can progress through the DPF certification journey as smoothly as possible. Speak to us to learn more.

Do I still need to use other data transfer mechanisms like Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs)?

No, DPF-certified companies can use the DPF mechanism as their sole mechanism for EU-US data transfers, meaning the DPF provides a method that is more efficient, requires less paperwork, and ensures compliance.

What are the costs involved in DPF self-certification?

There are several costs that go into DPF self-certification, and companies should be mindful that re-certification each year could see costs increase if a company’s circumstances change.

Costs include:

  • Arbitration fees (variable)
  • IRM (Independent Recourse Mechanism) fees (variable) or EU DPA panel fee (fixed)
  • DPF certification processing fee (variable)
  • Service provider fees (variable)

Variable costs change depending on both the company’s revenue and the type of verification a company is seeking to achieve. For example, if a small company only wants to be certified under the EU-US program, this would cost less compared to a larger company seeking certification under the EU, the UK, and the Swiss program

Service provider fees also vary depending on which service provider you choose. As many of the fees listed above change on a case-by-case basis, we encourage you to talk to our team so that we can give you an accurate and competitive cost estimation for your DPF self-certification.

How long will DPF self-certification take?

DPF self-certification is typically completed in 4-7 weeks. The process contains three stages:

  1. Preparation (2-3 weeks)
  2. Submission (2-3 weeks)
  3. Post-certification (1-2 days)

Throughout this process, Legal Nodes supports self-certifying companies to ensure that self-certification is both completed as soon as possible and is successful.