Virtual Data Protection Officer

Protect your data and your organization with a dedicated DPO service online

5 times more efficient than hiring an inhouse DPO

Best for fast-growing start-ups and scale-ups in the UK and EU

What Our Clients Say About Our DPO Subscription Services

Dan Keegan

Head of Digital Operations @ Transmission Agency

Virtual DPO subscription is spot on for us. Being a marketing agency, we regularly receive data protection questions from our clients, and Legal Nodes are always available to dive in and solve complex issues. High level of expertise with affordable prices make Legal Nodes a good match for SMEs and startups. Likewise, their flexible approach allows customising DPO package to the needs of larger companies.

Martin Henk

Co-founder @ Pipedrive, Co-Founder and CTO @ Eventornado, and Investor in Legal Nodes

Legal matters are often a bit of a pain for start-up people. Providing a subscription solution to this seemed unique and a huge opportunity. Margarita and her team are amazingly competent and gave me the confidence they could pull this off. I`ve been a customer of Legal Nodes with my own start-up for a few months now and I`m very impressed with the customer experience as well. Going to recommend this to all my portfolio companies.

Who Needs a Data Protection Officer?

Any company with a business model based on the collection and analysis of personal data will need data protection procedures and an officer to help them.

If you are a company or start-up that is based in the UK or the EU, or you have EU clients or may handle data belonging to citizens of the EU, you should consider data protection policies and a Data Protection Officer.




Why Use an Online Data Protection Officer Instead of Hiring a DPO In-house?

Using an Virtual Data Protection Officer Online is often 5 times more affordable and much more efficient than hiring an in-house DPO. When you use Legal Nodes, you are able to set-up a subscription to a DPO online service that best meets the needs of your business, giving you the privacy-related support you need the most. The costs of hiring or replacing a DPO are greatly reduced, and Legal Nodes enables you to choose a different DPO should you wish to work with a different expert. With an online virtual DPO service, you can save your business time and money on both handling your privacy-related matters and sourcing, hiring, and briefing an in-house DPO every time you have a new privacy request.

Why Use Legal Nodes?

We started out with the idea of making legal services accessible to businesses of all sizes. Now, we`re building a platform where start-ups and scale-ups can find the legal services they need to thrive. We pride ourselves in connecting our customers with real Data Protection Officers who care about you and your company.

We Only Work with Certified DPOs

We only work with a closed network of hand-picked Data Protection Officers who hold a CIPP/E certificate.

Our DPOs Work Fast

Our officers are required to respond within 2 hours to all new requests. We also send out weekly status updates.

You Can Manage Your DPO Tasks Online

Once onboarded, use your personalized and secure Legal Nodes dashboard to track and manage all your privacy tasks in real time.

We`re Real People, Here to Help

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, the Legal Nodes support team is available 24/7. Contact us via the website or directly through your personal dashboard.


What is a Virtual Legal Counsel and why do you need it?

A Virtual Legal Counsel is a service from Legal Nodes whereby a legal professional is assigned to support your commercial legal needs, and the service is based online, in a virtual space. Using virtual legal counsel online removes additional costs that in-house lawyers and paralegals often bring, and it also brings a degree of flexibility, allowing you to choose which level of service your business requires as it grows. When a client requests virtual legal counsel, an expert from Legal Nodes will assess the client's needs and suggest the best counsel for the company's commercial requirements. Legal Nodes then assigns legal experts (paralegals or lawyers, depending on the services you require) to your business. Virtual Legal Counsels are extremely useful for providing necessary support and advice on legal matters; clients receive the same degree of professionalism and expertise at a fraction of the cost. All our counsels are professional, qualified legal experts who specialise in the area of law that you are seeking help with.

How are the lawyers for my Virtual Legal Counsel selected?

The lawyers who make up your counsel are selected by a manager from Legal Nodes. Our managers assess the size, industry, market, culture, and budget constraints of your business and choose the best counsel to run commercial matters for your company. All legal counsels in our network go through a complex screening process. We check their license, soft skills, and experience of working with IT companies and start-ups. Legal counsels have to also follow the Legal Nodes standards among which is a fast turnaround time and following workflows developed by Legal Nodes.

How does the subscription service work?

The Legal Nodes model allows you to start a new subscription that best meets the needs of your business and get the legal support you need. You are also able to stop the subscription at any time and/or get matched with a different legal counsel should you wish to work with a different lawyer. This saves time not only on the legal tasks but also on finding, hiring, and briefing a lawyer every time you have a new legal question.

How does Legal Nodes differ from a traditional law firm?

Legal Nodes is a tech-enabled platform that helps businesses solve their legal tasks remotely. As opposed to traditional law firms, Legal Nodes is a platform productizing legal services. This means that you always get a fixed price for a set of tasks. Everything is stored securely online and managed in the cloud to make the experience seamless and simple for you and without additional overheads like administration and office costs.

Who is responsible for the quality of service provided?

Legal Nodes ensures top quality of service provided by screening lawyers and paralegals and hand-picking the individuals we believe will bring exceptional service in the Legal Nodes network. We then train our legal experts on how to use Legal Nodes' workflows and systems, so that they feel confident in delivering clients with the best service possible. All of our processes work to ensure that no quality issues arise. On the rare occasion that they do, clients may request a counsel rematch and we will assist you in finding legal counsel that better match your needs. All legal counsels are licensed or certified professionals, either recognised as lawyers or as paralegals. This means that they are under obligation to adhere to strict codes of conduct. Their violation might result in the revocation of a licence/certification.

Can I trust Legal Nodes with my confidential information?

You sign the Agreement and NDA with Legal Nodes and legal counsel. This guarantees that the rules of client-lawyer privilege are being adhered to. Also, in most of the jurisdictions client-lawyer privilege is implied by the law. This ensures that all the confidential information is kept private and secure.

What if I don't want a subscription?

If you don’t require a subscription, Legal Nodes can still help. We offer one-time packages of the most popular services requested by tech companies such as company registration, trademark registration, and more. Tasks that are not part of subscription will be highlighted in your personal dashboard. Simply contact us to enquire about these service options.