Appoint an outsourced Virtual Data Protection Officer

Protect your data and your organization with a dedicated DPO service online.

  • 5 times more cost efficient than hiring an inhouse DPO
  • Best for fast-growing startups and scale-ups in the UK and EU

Why use an online Data Protection Officer instead of hiring a DPO in-house?


Using an Virtual Data Protection Officer Online is often 5 times more affordable and much more efficient than hiring an in-house DPO. When you use Legal Nodes, you are able to set-up a subscription to a DPO online service that best meets the needs of your business, giving you the privacy-related support you need the most.

The costs of hiring or replacing a DPO are greatly reduced, and Legal Nodes enables you to choose a different DPO should you wish to work with a different expert. With an online virtual DPO service, you can save your business time and money on both handling your privacy-related matters and sourcing, hiring, and briefing an in-house DPO every time you have a new privacy request.

Who needs DPO?

If you are a company or startup that is based in the UK or the EU, or you have EU clients or you handle data belonging to EU citizens, you should consider implementing data protection policies and hiring a Data Protection Officer.

It is a mandatory requirement to appoint a DPO if your company processes these categories of data on a large scale:

Sex Life
Political, Philosophical And Religious Beliefs
Sexual Orientation
On Criminal Convictions
Trade Union Membership
Ethnic And Racial Origin

Get started with our Virtual DPO subscriptions

DPO Oversight Essential

Minimum commitment: 1 year
Best for small SaaS and eCommerce startups
  • Official designation of DPO
  • DPO registration
  • Contact for data subjects and authorities
  • 10 hours/year of DPO support
  • Privacy training (bi-annual)
($747 every quarter)
($2388 per year)
PRICEs don’t include VAT
Additional works available at $100/ hour rate or via fixed package

DPO Oversight Advanced

Minimum commitment: 1 year
  • Official designation of DPO
  • DPO registration
  • Contact for data subjects and authorities
  • 5 hours/month of DPO support
  • Privacy training (bi-annual)
($1797 every quarter)
($5988 per year)
PRICEs don’t include VAT
Additional works available at $100/hour rate

DPO Oversight Custom

  • Official designation of DPO
  • DPO registration
  • Contact for data subjects and authorities
  • Customizable hours of DPO support
  • Privacy training (customized)
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Don't take our word for that. Here's what our customers say:

Beyond supervising our GDPR and UK data protection compliance, Legal Nodes assists us in concluding data processing contracts with clients and understanding our data protection obligations.

Max Chut
CFO @Neurons Lab

Our team lacked data protection expertise and we couldn't afford a full-time data protection specialist. We were happy to obtain qualified DPO services from Legal Nodes whose offering was much better suited to our needs and budget.

Nadim Naccache
Legal Counsel @Virtual Internships

Legal Nodes' lawyers have been very helpful to Preply in advising on privacy issues, including policy preparation, DPA and other GDPR issues.

Ivanna Honina
Legal Counsel @Preply

We regularly receive data protection questions from our clients and Legal Nodes are always available to dive in and solve complex issues. Their flexible approach allows customizing packages to the needs of each client.

Dan Keegan
Head of Digital Opearations @Transmission Agency

Legal Nodes and Vlad Nekrutenko from their team were essential in establishing our GDPR compliance.

Almas Abulkhairov
CEO @SpatialChat

Why use Legal Nodes?

We started out with the idea of making legal services accessible to businesses of all sizes. Now, we're building a platform where startups and scale-ups can find the legal services they need to thrive. We pride ourselves in connecting real customers with real Data Protection Officers who care about you and your company.

We Only Work with Certificated DPOs
We only work with a closed network of hand-picked Data Protection Officers who hold a CIPP/E certificate.
Our DPOs Work Fast
Our officers are required to respond within 2 hours to all new requests. We also send out weekly status updates.
You Can Manage Your DPO Tasks Online
Once onboarded, use your personalized and secure Legal Nodes dashboard to track and manage all your privacy tasks in real time.
We’re Real People, Here to Help
If you have any questions, the Legal Nodes support team is available 24/5. Contact us via the website or directly through your dashboard.

Meet our DPOs & specialists

Tahir Latif

Global data protection and privacy professional. Implemented data protection best practices across various industries as banking, insurance, government, military.

Bogdan pashynskyi

Bogdan is Head of Data Protection and Privacy @Legal Nodes and a certified privacy professional with 7+ years of experience in assisting various companies with GDPR compliance and data protection.

Vlad Nekrutenko

Certified lawyer and privacy professional, Head of DPO Product @Legal Nodes. Vlad is specialised in data protection compliance for deep-tech and AI projects.


What is a Data Protection Officer (DPO)?

A Data Protection Officer is an intermediary between the company and its users, employees, and supervisory authorities in all matters related to personal data protection. The role of the officer is to oversee the company’s GDPR compliance, advise on the protection of personal data, and communicate with regulatory authorities and personal data subjects.

What's the difference between a Data Protection Solicitor and a Data Protection Officer?

Data Protection Solicitors are not the same as Data Protection Officers. Data Protection Solicitors enforce data corrections and removals when companies or public bodies have made mistakes. They can also help individuals claim compensation when an organisation has had a data breach and an individual has suffered as a result of that breach. A Data Protection Officer will work with an organisation to try to prevent the need of Data Protection Solicitors being employed to defend or sue on grounds of privacy.

Legal Nodes' DPO Oversight Essential Subscription services does not include data protection solicitor services or advice. Legal Nodes' DPO Oversight Essential Service offers the service of a Data Protection Officer who works with businesses to help avoid data breaches.

Are Data Protection Officers mandatory?

Depending on the type of data that an organisation is handling, Data Protection Officers are required by law to be operational in some organisations. Since its entry into force in 2018, Art. 37 of the GDPR laws require the designation of a Data Protection Officer in all companies that:

  • carry out systematic monitoring and collection of data about individuals on a large scale. Examples include the provision of marketplace services, social networking services, systems for managing tasks or personal data collected by the company, tracking a person's geolocation, or targeting ads based on a person's profile; or
  • collect and process in large volumes sensitive data, which include: health data, biometric data for the purpose of uniquely identifying a person, genetic data, data about a person's sex life and sexual orientation, data on ethnic and racial origin, political, philosophical and religious beliefs and trade union membership, as well as data on criminal offences committed by a person.
How does Legal Nodes' DPO subscription service differ from similar services available on the market?

When we talk to our customers, they tell us that we offer some of the best prices, for the most bespoke services, on the market. In other words, we make sure you understand what services you need, and we'll help you find a subscription that works for your business.

Data Protection Officers in the UK and the European Union come with a costly annual subscription. Prices start at £500 for as little as two hours of support without actually moving towards GDPR compliance. We understand that for start-ups and SMEs, expensive monthly subscriptions (starting from £450) may be disproportionate to the needs of the business and unfeasible with smaller company budgets. Legal Nodes offers clients an affordable monthly DPO Oversight subscription with a flat-fee cost to cover the initial GDPR Roadmap. Our subscriptions are flexible, with an optional breakdown of the payment for GDPR work for the months that follow. This alternative approach allows you to optimise the costs of DPO services while maintaining compliance with the GDPR Art. 37 requirements and developing a detailed plan for further actions.

Who is responsible for the quality of service provided?

When a dedicated Data Protection Officer is assigned to your company, Legal Nodes is responsible for the screening and selection of a person, as well as for providing the methodology by which they should work. Data Protection Officers from Legal Nodes network are licensed or certified and have the necessary experience, which implies high standards of work. Violation of the latter may result in the revocation of the license/certification.

Can I trust Legal Nodes with my confidential information?

Yes. We involve DPOs on a sub contractual basis and sign appropriate NDAs with them. Additionally, we train them on how to follow necessary security precautions, so that the data remains safe while accessed by our platform.


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