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Pre-seed Round / Initial Investments

Up to ~$500k

Investment from:

  • friends
  • family
  • business angels
Investment docs:
Convertible equity fundraising docs (SAFE, ASA, convertible note, etc)
Additional comments:

Open a custodial crypto account for DevCo to be able to raise investments in crypto.

Legal Entity Signing the Docs:

DevLab Company, which is an owner of the IP

read more about Token side letters
and download the Template
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Seed Round

~$500k to ~$3m

Investment from:

  • early stage VC
  • angel syndicates
  • Web3 accelerators
Investment docs:
Investor accreditation form, KYC/AML forms
Some countries where SAFT investors are located may have regulatory requirements of investor accreditation in place. In these cases, investors must satisfy these requirements when investing into a project via a SAFT. Also, considering that most SAFT investments are in crypto, every Web3 startup is obligated to perform KYC checks on every investor and check investors’ crypto for money laundering risks. These KYC/AML and accreditation forms for investors should be prepared in accordance with the local regulations of the countries of both the TokenCo registration and the investors’ residency.
Additional comments:

The process of investors' accreditation verification and KYC/AML checks are also required.

Legal entity signing the docs:

Token SPV, which is an entity for launching token minting protocol (TokenCo)

Read more about SAFT 
and download the template
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Round A / Treasury Round

~$3m to ~$15m

Investment from:

  • venture funds
  • Web3 Foundations & community (i.e. for Token Sales)
Investment docs:
Private token sale / OTC agreement
Terms & policies for public token distribution (TGE, IDO, LBP etc.)
Additional comments:

Once token protocol is deployed into mainnet, SAFTs should be converted into tokens and tokens should be transferred to investors.

Legal Entity Signing the Docs:

Token SPV, which is responsible for initial token release (TokenCo)

Read more about token sale agreement
and download the template
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Later rounds / Institutional
Liquidity Injections


Investment from:

  • VC
  • crypto hedge funds
  • Web3 community
Investment docs:
Token liquidity provision agreement (for institutional partners)
Additional comments:

Tokens which remain undistributed after the initial token release (Community / Ecosystem token pool) should be transferred to DAO treasury. After that, Token SPV might be dissolved and DevCo might be transformed to product lab/dev shop within the ecosystem.

Legal Entity Signing the Docs:

Token Foundation

Read more about dao constitutions
and download the template
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