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Webinar Series

Get all the necessary legal knowledge to get your Web3 project up and running, issue tokens, raise funds, and create a DAO.

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Getting the right legal information for your Web3 project is hard

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Web3 legal is complicated. Founders need to research web3 regulations and choose the most crypto-friendly country for their project.


To help web3 founders, we have combined our experience in Web3 legal structuring with regulatory updates from our network of local legal providers into a free webinar series.


We're sharing an easy-to-digest overview of the latest crypto regulations worldwide and the latest best practices for Web3 project legal structuring.

We've structured our webinars into six topics. You can attend as many as you like.

Each webinar includes a 30 minute talk on the topic, followed by a 15 minutes of Q&A. Disclaimer: please, note these webinars aren't legal advice and are provided for informational purposes only.

Meet the speaker: Nestor Dubnevych

Head of Web3 Legal &
Co-founder @ Legal Nodes

  • 7+ years of experience consulting blockchain companies on legal matters
  • Helped 30+ Web3 startups manage the creation of global legal structures
  • Regularly shares his insights on trending and new Web3 legal regulations via the Legal Nodes resource center
  • Works with a network of 50+ legal professionals across 10+ countries to bring local crypto-legal knowledge to every client.

I’m not sure if I can make the webinar - should I register?

Yes! Even if you cannot attend, we still encourage you to register for the webinar as all registrants will be sent a live recording after the event and additional useful resources related to that webinar topic, which you can explore on your own.

Our goal is to help every founder
understand this complex space

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Nestor have been so helpful in guiding me with my first steps around establishing my Web3 startup legally. It's a very complex space, and it's reassuring having someone so knowledgeable to reach out to.
Shane Neubauer
Shane Neubauer
CEO & Co-founder, Beyond

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Webinar Series

Get the right legal information you need, and your questions answered, all in one place.