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Legal Nodes for Ukraine

Solve your early-stage startup legal needs and help protect the freedom of Ukraine.

An initiative by VIRTUAL LEgal Officers of Legal Nodes to help Ukrainian startups and support Ukraine during wartime.

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the Program's Mission

Supporting Ukrainian startup founders

Our Virtual Legal Officers are working pro bono to help Ukrainian startup founders do business across borders by providing them with legal support at a discounted rate.

Helping Ukraine win the war

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In partnership with the KOLO fund, all funds raised through this program will go towards supporting Ukraine.

About KOLO

KOLO is a charity fund founded by Ukrainian tech specialists aiming to save the lives of Ukrainian defenders. They have already raised $4.9M and bought over 3600 pieces of equipment. Legal Nodes is working in partnership with KOLO to transfer all funds earned through this program to KOLO.

What's in the program?

What do you get?

  • Guidance on incorporation in two favorable jurisdictions for startups (US and UK) and how to manage a company
  • Key legal documents, such as legal agreements with your team and instructions on how to use them
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  • Help and guidance from experts on issuing shares to founders and the team
  • Sessions with startup Virtual Legal Officers to to make the most of the legal resources and apply the resources to your startup's needs

Who is this program for?


Our Program is most suitable for Ukrainian startups entering global markets


Your startup must have at least 1 Ukrainian founder and team members from Ukraine


Your startup must be aiming to raise funds and do business in foreign markets (like the UK, the EU, or the US) in the near future

How it works


Apply to the program by completing the form

Ukrainian startup founders who need legal support to enter global markets and raise funding can apply to the Program by completing this form.


We review your application and notify you of the results

There are 15 places on the program for 15 unique startups. We review applications and offer places on a first-come-first-serve basis and will notify you in 5 business days if you’re accepted.


You activate the subscription and get access

Successful applicants will be provided with legal support at a discounted rate (at just $599 instead of $1500) across a 3-month period and 6 months of access to resources.


All payments go directly to KOLO

Virtual Legal Officers will work pro bono and all program fees paid by participants will go directly to the KOLO fund to support Ukraine.

Meet the Virtual Legal Officers

Daria Zhuk
Head of Startup Legal @Legal Nodes
Daria Zhuk

Daria is a seasoned corporate lawyer with 8 years of experience that includes work on M&As, VC startups and VC funds across variety of sectors. Daria has worked with startups like Finmap, Neurons Lab and Obimy.

Oleksandr Synytsia
Virtual Legal Officer @Legal Nodes
Oleksandr Synytsia

Oleksandr has been consulting IT and blockchain companies for more than 4 years. He specializes in legal support of Web2 and Web3 startups and M&As. Oleksandr has worked with Boosty, Elai and ABM Cloud.

About Legal

Legal Nodes helps founders solve their legal matters all in one place, with help from a network of international lawyers at their fingertips, and a Virtual Legal Officer to orchestrate all the work.

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Our Goal

Provide legal support for


Raise a total of

$ 9000
to donate


Why is the program duration three months?

Based on our experience with startups, three months is an optimal timeframe to register a company and sort out the most significant post-incorporation legal matters. During the three month period, you will be able to book weekly legal sessions and access legal resources. After the program has ended, you will have access to the legal resources for an additional three months.

Why do you only include the US and the UK as locations for incorporation?

The state of Delaware, in the US, and the jurisdiction of the UK are two of the most popular and startup-friendly jurisdictions offering various legal instruments that are explicitly designed for venture startups. As a result, we’ve chosen these two jurisdictions as optimal options for this program.

Will you register a company for me?

No, the team at Legal Nodes will not be registering companies on behalf of founders. Instead, we provide guides to help founders choose the most suitable jurisdiction for registration and to adequately prepare for successful registration. We also cover what founders must do in the process, and which registration agents to choose.

Can Legal Nodes' Virtual Legal Officers help even though they’re not lawyers?

Yes! Our Virtual Legal Officers work with venture-backed startups daily, assisting them with legal structuring, due diligence preparation, and venture deal structuring. Our Virtual Legal Officers have helped more than 200 venture startups solve their legal tasks and have a range of experience and expertise that founders can benefit from.

Do Virtual Legal Officers provide legal advice?

No. All the information provided by Virtual Legal Officers, provided in the legal resources, and discussed in legal sessions is not legal advice.

Why do I need to complete an application? Isn't this a paid product from Legal Nodes?

This program is based on one of Legal Nodes’s most popular paid products. This program is slightly different as it is being offered to successful applicants at a significant discount of 60% the regular price. This is to help founders access this legal support at a more affordable rate. We also are specifically offering our program to Ukrainian founders of early stage startups. We want to ensure that it provides the most value, so we pre-select the startups that match all the program's criteria and who will benefit the most from this kind of support.