December 11, 2022

Free NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) Template for Startups


An NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) is a contract between two parties (your startup and another person or company), designed to keep certain business information confidential.

The Legal Nodes team has prepared a general draft of an NDA that can protect your business and business information, including financial information, databases, informational systems (e.g. CRMs), personal information, and your market interests (e.g. competition, non-solicitation). Please, note that you should consult your legal professional prior to using this template as it's provided for informational purposes only.

Unilateral vs Mutual NDA

This template is a Unilateral NDA, which means it only binds one party (for example, your employee) to protect the other party's (your company) confidential information. This document won't work if you need a Mutual NDA (for situations where both parties exchange confidential information).

How to use this template

To use this template for your startup, fill out the yellow fields with the details of your company. We recommend customizing only the fields in yellow. Please consult with a lawyer before sending it to anyone after you've made your customizations.

When can you use this NDA?

It is crucial to sign NDAs with all the employees, freelancers, and part-time workers in the early stages of your startup development, and this NDA helps you do this. If you'd like to sign an NDA with an investor, it would be better to sign a Mutual NDA (this template is Unilateral NDA).

Will this template work for your country?

This template was designed to work in both common and civil law jurisdictions. These legal systems cover most of the countries in the world. Visit this page to check if your country uses common or civil law.

Pro tip:

Сonsider signing an IP assignment agreement with your employees and contractors in addition to an NDA. This way, you'll ensure that all the IP is assigned to your company and avoid issues during any investor due diligence.

Download the template

Fill out the form on this page to download the document with the template. If you need any help with customizing the templates to solve your legal tasks, get in touch with us, we'll be glad to talk.

Disclaimer: This draft was designed by Legal Nodes for information purposes only to create an overall picture of how documents of this kind might look. It should by no means be seen as a full solution, legal, or any other advice and should not be considered as such. Please consult a lawyer before using it.

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