November 7, 2023

Founder's Pocket Legal Guide: Employee Stock Options


What is the founder’s pocket legal guide on employee stock options?

We’ve created a nifty guide that quickly gives an important overview on:

  • Key terms explained including those covered in the stock option plan and agreements
  • How to allocate an option pool
  • Best practices for option pool allocation for companies registered in the US and Europe
  • How to issue the first stock options 
  • Tax considerations about issuing and exercising stock options
  • How to exercise a stock option
  • The most important things to consider when issuing options to employees situated in the same country as the company and to contractors located in foreign countries
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Who is this guide for?

This guide is for founders who wish to learn more about using stock options as a means to incentivise and reward their employees, particularly at early stages of starting a business.

Employees who have been offered stock options or who are wanting to learn more will also find this cheatsheet useful.

When is this guide most useful?

This is a handy tool for any founder or employee to have access to, however it’s especially useful in these circumstances:

  • When you, a founder, are registering a company and want to understand how the stock option pool should be allocated 
  • When you, a founder, are preparing for fundraising and potential investors are asking you about stock option pool
  • When you, a founder, are planning to issue stock options to your early employees and don't know where to start from the legal perspective
  • When you, an employee, want to get a full picture of the process of issuing stock options, and learn more about cliff vesting and vesting schedules

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How to get the pocket guide

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The pocket guide on employee stock options is prepared for you by the Legal Nodes team, a legal platform for tech companies operating globally. Legal Nodes helps startups establish and maintain legal structures in 20+ countries, including assisting with the creation of option plans and the issuance of options to employees worldwide.

Disclaimer: none of this information should be considered as legal, tax, or investment advice.

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