January 26, 2024

It’s been a big year for Legal Nodes! Here’s our 2022 Wrapped.


An unexpected pivot into the world of Web3

At the beginning of the year, Legal Nodes was a legal solutions marketplace

On February 24, Ukraine was attacked and the country was forced into war. At the time, most of our team members were located in Ukraine and approximately half of our clients were Ukrainian startups.

We had to go global to survive. We focused our efforts on the growing Web3 market. We built a fresh new product: The DAO Legal Wrapper and launched it just 47 days after the invasion via a Product Hunt Campaign that racked up 420 upvotes.

The launch of the DAO Legal Wrapper was a critical moment for us; we had fully stepped into the world of Web3.

In the face of war, we fought back on every front

We supported the resistance: Our Head of Privacy Vlad joined the local army reserves; our tech team volunteered for cyber security efforts; we donated to funds in Ukraine; and wrote war blogs which we shared via our platforms.

We launched Legal Nodes for Ukraine, an initiative by the VLOs to help Ukrainian startups and donate all funds raised through the program to Ukraine, in partnership with the KOLO fund.

We continued to work, no matter the circumstances. Our team is mostly based in Ukraine and this year various team members have worked through air raids, under occupation, and with limited access to electricity and internet.

We focused on offering decentralized legal solutions

We saw that more and more founders of both Web2 and Web3 businesses faced difficulties building cross-border legal frameworks, so we introduced our 3-pillar model:

  1. We created a new legal professional, our Virtual Legal Officers, who are individuals with backgrounds in business, law, and blockchain, and who manage all cross-border tasks via the Legal Nodes platform.
  1. We specialized in offering decentralized legal frameworks. Nestor, Head of Web3 Legal at Legal Nodes: “Decentralized legal structures and strategies are perfect for cross-border businesses because these frameworks aren’t limited by a single jurisdiction. In other words, these decentralized frameworks enable founders to register legal entities in multiple jurisdictions whilst staying compliant with all the legal rules of the different markets simultaneously.”
  1. How can we offer lawyers and experts from so many jurisdictions? We built the Legal Nodes Network, offering service providers spread over 20 crypto-friendly jurisdictions and over 10 areas of legal practice.

We became a little obsessed with creating Web3 content

Our Web3 Webinar series covered interesting legal topics for Web3 founders across 6 webinars.

We put 100 pages of analysis and legal insight into our Web3 Legal Handbook.

Our team produced over 60 articles on Web3 topics, all published on our Resource Center.

We launched our Web3 fundraising resources, Web3 Docs!

We launched our very own Web3 newsletter - the Web3Blast 💥

2023 is for Web3!

Thank you to our partners for supporting us!

Since April, we’ve held over 200 1-2-1 sessions to help projects and businesses with their legal tasks.

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